50 YEars of Camping Ministry in Fayetteville

Follow the history of Camp Dixie from its birth in the 1940's in Wilmington, NC through the relocation to Fayetteville in 1967 and on to the present day ministry. Presented at Harvest Day, October 14, 2017 as part of a celebration of 50 Years of Camping Ministry In Fayetteville, NC.

Click on the picture or here to watch a video of our history as presented at Harvest Day 2017!

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background on our location

The locals refer to Camp Dixie as "Page's Lake", as they knew it back in the mid-1900's before it became Camp Dixie in 1967.  This brief presentation will give you a bit of background on our location as gleaned from Bladen County Agricultural maps from the late 1800's and from a series of colorized postcards published between 1925-1945.