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What's YOUR Camp Story? We want to celebrate and share the stories of people whose lives have been touched by the ministry of Camp Dixie. Share your camp story with us here.

2020 My Camp story posts

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  • The Morris Family

    Meet Matt, Joanna, Sophie, Selah and baby Samuel (born in March) - the Morris family of Benson, NC.

    “We are so thankful for the ministry of Camp Dixie! We were so blessed to experience camp as campers, CITs, counselors, and have now served on staff for several years. We met at Camp Dixie as teenagers, got engaged on the Hilltop during College Retreat in 2009, and got married at the stone chapel by the lake in 2011. Now, we continue to share our love of camp with our own children! Our lives have been shaped by our summers at camp through the Word, through friendships and discipleship, and through the entire camp experience.

    Camp Dixie is important to us because of the focus on Biblical teaching, the special relationships we have made over the years, and the positive impact that it has in the lives of children and families.”

  • Toni Lea

    Toni Lea of Fayetteville, is an elementary school teacher who works on our Summer Camp Staff in the summer. She began by serving as a camp counselor and on summer staff. For several years now Toni has served on our Program Team where she oversees our camp electives, helps train staff and keeps things organized behind the scenes.

    “Through the ministry of Camp Dixie, God has allowed me to draw closer to Him and to fully rely on His love and word to bring me through anything I go through.

    Nine years ago camp changed my life. I was alone, no friends or anything. I was going down a bad road and a student of mine told me how she was going to camp and told me all about it. I had to find what this place was all about. So, I took that step and went. Everyone welcomed me with open arms, and allowed me to be me. Now, nine years later, most of my closest friends were made here at camp. Camp is my home, it’s where I can feel most safe!”

  • Jacob Dahman

    Jacob Dahman is a 2020 high school graduate from Fayetteville, NC. He has been a camper with us for several years and served as a CIT. Summer Camp 2020 was to be his first year on staff as a counselor.

    Jacob shared how has God impacted his life through the ministry of Camp Dixie and why it is so important to him. “He has brought me closer to Him than anyone else has. The feeling of camp just let's you become available to Him so He can help and be present with you. "

  • Heather Summers

    When it comes to a strong ties to Camp Dixie, Heather Summers could win an award! She’s been closely connected to us in a number of ways throughout her life: Camper, CIT, Counselor, Summer Camp Staff, Volunteer, Kids’ Camp Music Director and a Youth Pastor at a church where there are Camp Dixie Campers. She even got married at Camp Dixie! Heather and her husband Logan live in Washington, NC where she is an artist who teaches Middle School Students, and a youth pastor.

    When asked how God has impacted her life through the ministry of Camp Dixie, Heather says, “I was born into a family that went to church every Sunday. I grew up learning the Bible and living the way I thought God wanted me to, but I was very much going through the motions. My church was involved with Camp Dixie, so I had stayed there for retreats and my mom worked there when she was young so I had become very familiar with Camp stories and opportunities. At 12 years old I finally attended as a camper for the first time and it changed my life. I found God in an entirely new way. I found a passion to seek God in everything I do. I realized that God was with me always and that worshiping could be fun and passionate, not just routine. You can't walk the grounds at Camp Dixie without experiencing God's love, and now thanks to my experiences at Camp, I can't walk through life without experiencing His love either.”

    Camp is important to Heather because, “Not only has Camp grown my relationship with God, but it has built my relationships with so many others. The community and love found at Camp is like no other. The staff at Camp Dixie is my family and I wouldn't be who I am today without the excitement and relationships found there.”

  • Bethany Allen

    Bethany Allen of Wilmington is one of our Teen campers. She has been attending camp here for several years! Bethany shared, “Camp has taught me that I need to trust God even when things aren't working out the way I planned. I need to trust God and that He will bring me where I need to be. Camp Dixie has given me lifelong friendships and amazing people that I look up to and consider mentors to me.”

  • Aly Robertson

    Aly Robertson is a teacher who lives in Wilmington, NC. She is another person with “super-connections” to us, having been a camper, a CIT and a camp Counselor. Aly also served on Summer Ministries Teams and as frequent volunteer. She went on to serve on Summer Camp Program staff, eventually taking on the leadership role as CIT Coordinator for 8 years. We are so grateful for the countless teens she has shepherded so many teens on their CIT leadership journey!

    Many of our campers know Aly best in her role as Bible teacher during the weeks of Kids’ Camps. She is on our Kids’ Camp team, giving countless hours to developing our curriculum.

    Here’s Aly’s story of how God has impacted her life through the ministry of Camp Dixie.

    “Camp Dixie has given me opportunities to serve others in ways I never thought I’d have. I was able to serve on multiple ministry teams in NC and in other states. I learned more about myself as I dove deep into learning about servant leadership. I’ve learned how to better teach, better love, better serve, and better mentor through the relationships I have built at camp. I 100% believe that I am who I am today because of the impact that Camp Dixie has had in my life.

    Camp Dixie is my home. It is a safe space that I know is always there. I was 8 years old when I first came to camp with some friends from church. I had learned about God, I had been baptized, I believed in God, but it wasn’t until I came to camp that I learned to have a full on relationship with God. I gave my life to God completely in chapel one night when I was in 5th grade. Since then, God has continued to work through our relationship to help me help others, inspire others, teach others, and guide others closer to him. Camp taught me that it’s okay to need Him and to depend on Him. I’ve met the best people at camp and they are some of my best friends today. My life would not be the same without the impact camp has made in my life.”

  • Kelcie Frye

    Kelcie Frye of Raleigh is a 2019 graduate of UNC and works in Marketing. She serves part-time as the Youth Pastor at Holly Grove Advent Christian Church in Benson.

    Kelcie has an impressive Camp Dixie resume’! Her connections to this ministry over the years include: Camper, CIT, Counselor, Summer Camp Program Staff and Teen Camp Bible Teacher, Camp Photographer and Volunteer. She now serves on the Camp Dixie Board of Directors.

    Here’s Kelcie’s Camp Story:

    “The ministry of Camp Dixie has impacted my life in every way possible. I started attending camp my first year of high school, and I thank God for placing camp in my life at that pivotal time. I grew up going to church every Sunday and my identity as a "good christian" was really important to me — because of Camp Dixie, I no longer see my walk with Christ as a goal to achieve, but as a relationship with a God who constantly pursues me and already sees me as perfect.

    Camp Dixie has always been there for me. It's the place where I met my best friends and greatest mentors. It's where I discovered who I was and it ultimately shaped me into the person I am today. I have been at camp in some way, shape or form for the last 14 summers and I can't imagine what my life would have looked like without it. I now serve as a youth pastor and I get to instill that same love of camp into the next generation. To me, Camp is more than the physical location in Fayetteville — Camp is my family.”