Camp Happenings

  • This Past Month We Welcomed!  

    • FBC of Wilmington

    • St. Mary Mother of the Church

    • Wilson Mills

    • St. Mary Roman Catholic Church

    • ENC Presbyterian Pilgrimage

  • Join us for Camp Dixie’s annual College & Career Retreat after New Year’s for young adults including high school seniors and graduates, college students, and grad students. It’s a retreat filled with great friendships, Bible study, opportunities for service, worship, small groups, late nights and laughter! It is FREE for paid summer staff & summer camp staff from Summer 2019.

    Register now!!

  • What?!? It's only October? Why would we want to register for next summer NOW?

    EASE FINANCIAL STRESS - Many families register early so that they can make small payments towards summer camp throughout the year. It takes the financial stress off of next spring, ensuring that your child doesn't miss out on camp due to unexpected bills.

    RESERVE THE SESSION YOU WANT - Registering early also ensures that your child is enrolled in the session of camp that works best for your schedule. We offer several session options for campers enrolled in Kids' Camps. 

    Click on the photo to go to the Summer Camp 2020 page!

  • CIT Program - Passing Along the Leadership Role

    This was our fantastic group of Counselors-in-Training (CIT’s) this summer!  Their journey began during CIT training weekend back in April, after which they were selected to serve alongside a Counselor this summer during one or more weeks of camp.  They were lead thoughout the summer by CIT Coordinator Aly Robertson and her assistant Shirley Fowler.

    Aly Robertson has lead our CIT program for the past 8 years.  Aly herself begin as a Camper and then went on to participate in the CIT program.  After serving as a Counselor for several years, she stepped in as CIT Coordinator.  We deeply appreciate the important role she has played in the mentoring and leadership development of so many teenagers! 

    For the past few summers, Aly has done double duty as one of our Bible teachers during the weeks of Kids’ Camp.  We are so thankful that she plans to continue to use her gifts as a teacher in our camping program for years to come!

    This summer, Aly mentored Shirley Fowler to take over the CIT Coordinator position.  Shirley has also come up through our program and been involved as a Camper, CIT, and Counselor.  A recent graduate from UNCW, Shirley will return there this Fall to get her master’s degree. 

  • ALL OUT  2019 Summer Camp Highlight Videos

    Missing summer camp or wondering what you missed?  Watch the highlights from our four weeks of camp on the Camp Dixie Youtube Channel!

  • At the beginning of January, we reported that we overshot our projected fundraising goal of $40,000 for the restoration of the road to the hilltop by just over $8,000. That was and is amazing! We are so thankful!

    Last week, we learned that we had significantly underestimated the amount of our final bill. While it feels embarrassing to share our mistake with you, we felt like we owed it to you since so many of you have been walking this path with us since September, praying for us and giving generously to the project. The revised total for project comes in at $57,000.

    The only thing that has changed is that the finish line moved! To date, we have received over $48,000 in donations. Less than $9,000 left to go.

    Read more . . . /donate/florence-road-restoration

  • Celebrating our History

    At our recent Harvest Day we shared a presentation of the history of this ministry.  Follow the link to view the presentation or download a written copy.

    We've also added a page to this website where we will make our history available.

  • June Update on Camp Dixie Lake

    With summer camp fast approaching, we wanted to post an update on our lake water status. Last fall, there were many news stories related to the Chemours plant and the discharge of GenX into the Cape Fear River.  This was of concern to all of us due to our close proximity to Chemours.  Our returning camper families may remember receiving an email from us last November concerning the lake water test results from the NC Department of Environmental Quality. The email is posted below.

    You may  want to read the letter posted below from the NC Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHS) in response to our questions about whether our lake would still be safe for recreational use of the BLOB and waterslide that would submerge campers briefly during their five-day session with us. 

    Your child’s health and safety are of utmost importance to us, and for that reason, we have continued to monitor this situation for any new developments that could impact them while they are here. Camp Dixie’s drinking water is supplied by Bladen County Public Works and according to Kip McClary, Bladen County’s general services manager, the well that supplies our water at Camp Dixie was tested at 11 parts per trillion. That is less than 10 percent of the state’s provisional health goal of 140 parts per trillion for public drinking water safety.

    The state tested the creek leading out of our dam a few months ago and found a GenX concentration 27% lower than the numbers found in the lake last October.  The NCDEQ will test the lake again next fall.  At this time, we have no further information to report to you concerning the GenX situation.

    The bottom line continues to be:  according to the state and county agencies conducting the tests, our water is safe to drink and we can safely enjoy our lake in the same ways we always have. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.