Camp Happenings

  • This Week's Guests!  

    Welcome to:

    • Hispanic Youth
    • Friends School of Wilmington

    Watch Family Camp Weekend video!

    Imagine a weekend away with the family in a setting where there’s something to make everyone happy!

    • No jumping back in the car to drive here or there because everything is onsite.  

    • No digging out your wallet for every added attraction because all the recreation and activities are included.

    • No decisions about where to eat because meals are included

    We think you’ll find the price very affordable with a variety of lodging options to consider. There’s even an option to cut lodging cost in half by sharing a cabin with another family. Whatever options you choose, you can be sure that your weekend will be packed with fun and adventure, new friendships and the kinds of great experiences you’ve come to expect from Camp Dixie!  

    Special Guests - Roger & Carol Shepherd!  Click here for more information!

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  • The Project SaM program is committed to discipling teen followers of Christ (grades 10-12) through intentional one-on-one mentoring relationships and Biblical studies in a supportive Christian community.  For more information on becoming a mentor or student or to apply for the program, click here!

  • Response to Concerns about Chemours and GenX

    Camp Dixie is aware of the news reports that Chemours at the nearby DuPont facility has been releasing GenX into the Cape Fear River.   We are monitoring the situation as information becomes available.

    Bladen County Manager Greg Martin released a statement Friday (June 23, 2017) saying he does not anticipate GenX in the Bladen County Water District's water supply. Bladen County Water District and municipal water systems in Bladen County serve customers with water obtained from deep wells, rather than surface water from the Cape Fear River. Arrangements have been made to test the Bladen County water for its presence. Test results will be made available to the public as soon as they are available.

    The lake on our camp property is fed by two small creeks, neither of which flows from the Cape Fear River.  

  • Hurricane Matthew Recovery - Go Fund Me Campaign

    Our waterfront has been restored!  Thanks for your prayers and support through these months since Hurricane Matthew hit back in October. The photo was taken at our Open House on May 7 as we opened up the Blob and waterfront to over 500 guests.   

    Total cost ended up being approximately $220,000.  To date, we've had $145,000 come in through the mail and through GoFundMe.  If you'd like to help us decrease the long term debt from the costs of repair, 

     you can donate to our Go Fund Me campaign.

  • New Logo

    Camp Dixie has a new look! Last fall, we spent several months gathering feedback from guest groups, parents, campers, board members and staff about this ministry. As we compiled the data, we learned that those who come through our gates quite consistently experience growth in their faith and a deepening of community.

    We then worked with designer Clint Overby, one of our camper and staff alumnus, to design a logo that would combine faith and community with the beauty of our cypress lake setting. Many thanks to Clint for working with us and his generous donation to create this beautiful design that represents us!