Meeting Facilities

Our indoor meeting rooms are carpeted and equipped with air-conditioning and heating for comfortable, year-round use.  See our camp map for the location of these areas. 

  • Main Building

    Located on the Lakeview waterfront, this building houses our main kitchen, dining facility, camp store, vending machines, nurse's station, restrooms, and chapel meeting area.

  • Chapel - 2nd floor of Main Building

    Located on the second floor of the Main Building, which is directly on the waterfront, the Main Building Chapel accommodates approximately 300 guests.  There is one large meeting area with a raised stage and stage lighting. Restrooms are at the back of the room.  Click here for a printable overview and a basic floorplan.

  • Education Building

    Located on the Lakeview, our Education Building accommodates approximately 200 guests. A large lobby area opens into five meeting areas.  Three of the rooms open up via sliding dividers to make one large meeting area. There are two restroom entrances off of the main lobby.  Click here for a printable overview and a basic floorplan.

  • Mt. Zion

    Located on the Hilltop, Mt. Zion accommodates approximately 75 guests.   There is a large kitchen for food preparation and serving.  An open area can be set up for group meetings or for serving food.  Click here for a printable overview and a basic floorplan.

outdoor meeting areas

If you decide to take your gathering outdoors, you'll find plenty of locations to suit your needs! To see the location of these areas, please refer to our camp map.

    • Hillside campfire area overlooking the lake can seat 150+.
    • Outdoor chapel - a smaller area with seating for 25+ at the water's edge with a view of the cypress trees.
    • Many of our lodging areas have decks with built-in seating that is perfect for a small group gathering.
    • In addition, there are gazebos, bridges and docks, picnic tables and benches that will beckon you and your fellow guests to slow down and breathe deeply!