FAmily Camp Weekend

September 1-3, 2017

For several years now, the most frequently requested retreat on our parent exit surveys from summer camp has been for a family camp weekend. As parents drop their kids off at camp, they often ask us, “When can WE come to camp?” Well, Mom and Dad – we’ve been listening!

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Imagine a weekend away with the family in a setting where there’s something to make everyone happy! No jumping back in the car to drive here or there because everything is onsite. No digging out your wallet for every added attraction because all the recreation and activities are included. No decisions about where to eat because meals are included.


We think you’ll find the price very affordable with a variety of lodging options to consider. There’s even an option to cut lodging cost in half by sharing a cabin with another family. Whatever options you choose, you can be sure that your weekend will be packed with fun and adventure, new friendships and the kinds of great experiences you’ve come to expect from Camp Dixie!

Program Features

ENJOY THE RIDE!  Our retreat this year is based on The Cure & Parents by Thrall, Lynch & McNicol of  Each family will receive a free copy of the book. 

Here's an excerpt from the introduction, “There is a cruel joke that somehow slipped in under the door.  It goes like this:  These children we waited and longed for have now become our opponents.  Opponents we love, but ones we now have to manage. 

It’s not supposed to be this way.  God gave us children to enjoy endlessly.  And for them to be able to enjoy us for an entire lifetime. . . .

Parents, far from something to endure until your kids finally leave the house, we believe parenting can be the trip of a lifetime.  So friends, enjoy the ride.” 

Special Guests - Roger & Carol Shepherd

Roger and Carol Shepherd have been ministering to couples and families most of their married life. They were both born into believing families and met at a small Christian college in Oklahoma. They have been married for almost 49 years, have five married children and 9 grandchildren.

Roger and Carol joined the staff of The Navigators in 1972 and ministered at Penn State University until 1983. Roger studied under Larry Crabb and Dan Allender at Grace Seminary and graduated in 1988 with a masters degree in biblical counseling. That same year Roger and Carol and family relocated to Orlando Florida where they began Florida Counseling Foundation. Carol works at the counseling center as a certified life coach and Roger spends one day a week supervising counseling students at Reformed Theological Seminary, which is one of his favorite things to do. Roger and Carol offer intensive counseling weekends for couples in crisis and for those wanting marriage enrichment.

They came in contact with John Lynch and the Grace Message thirteen years ago and have been involved with the Trueface team (who wrote The Cure and Parents) the past ten years.

Roger and Carol find deep joy in their ministry to couples and families and in their 9 grandchildren. It's true--GRACE CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!