What is the Cypress Circle?

One of the beautiful features of our waterfront is the presence of the beautiful old cypress trees in and around our lake.  A unique feature of old-growth Cypress is its durability in regards to decay resistance.  They also stand up well in storms and hurricanes.  Cypress trees have staying power! 

We need a group of monthly donors who will encircle this ministry with monthly gifts to increase our durability, enabling us to move forward and thrive during this continued season of uncertainty.

Would you prayerfully consider supporting this ministry in 2021 with a monthly gift of $10, $25, $50, $75, $100 or an amount of your choosing? No gift is too small or too large to help! We are trusting God to provide through the combined giving of many monthly donors!


Follow this link to let us know you want to make a monthly gift in 2021.  You'll be asked to let us know the amount you intend to give as well as how you want to make your gift.  Options include  having it drafted each month on your credit card, mailing a monthly check or setting it up with your bank to send a monthly check, or making a one time gift. .  

Once we hear from you, we'll be in touch with you to help get everything set up and answer any questions.  Need to talk with us before proceeding?  Call us at 910-865-5180.  Office hours are still limited so leave us a message if no one answers and we'll return your call!