For decades, Camp Dixie has been a place where people came to faith in Christ. A place where deep friendships and connections have been formed. No matter how many years have passed, with camp friends we have a sense of shared faith and experiences. The campfire was a place of deep sharing for many of you. We plan to have future Alumni Campfire Gatherings via Zoom.  So if you are a former alumni of our staff or attended summer camp here - we want to see you on the next call!

HOW DO I JOIN? Simply click here to update your Alumni information. You will receive the Zoom invitation link via email!  Call Lana at 910-865-5180 or email if you have questions .  (If you already updated your information in March or April 2020, you'll get the Zoom invite via email.)


Welcome to our Alumni page! One of our goals is to reconnect with people who have attended summer camp or worked on staff in the past. For many people, Camp Dixie is a place of fond memories and great friendships. For others, the experience at Camp Dixie goes much deeper than that. When you look back at your time spent at Camp Dixie, you recognize that God used this place in powerful and formative ways. You came into relationship with God through Jesus Christ here. You grew your faith here. The deepest friendships of your life are with people that you met here at camp.

We want to reconnect with YOU in several ways: